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  • Introduction of Pebble:

    River pebble is a kind of pure natural stone. It is taken from sand gravel mountain that was produced by ancient riverbed uplift after the crustal movement thousands years ago. It has experienced the impact of mountain torrents and the continuous squeezing and friction in the process of moving water. In the course of tens of thousands years of vicissitudes, they have experienced with waves and water, lost their irregular edges and corners by the collision and friction of gravels, and were buried deep in the ground together with mud and silent for millions of years.

    River pebble crushing technological process:

    The main chemical component of river pebble is silica, which is hard in quality, bright and simple in color, and has the characteristics of compressive, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant natural stone. It is an ideal green building material. Therefore, in the river pebble crushing process, most of them use jaw crusher for first crushing and cone crusher for second crushing and third crushing.

    Technical Note:

    1. This process is designed according to the parameters provided by customers and for reference only. The actual output will change as per raw material characteristics and local management conditions.

    2. The actual construction should be adjusted according to the terrain. The type of belt conveyor is subject to the layout plan, Unit: M.

    3. The blasting point and its distance shall comply with relevant specifications.

    4. The mud content of the material should not exceed 10%, and the mud content will have an important impact on the output, equipment and process.

    5. This flow chart is for reference only.

    Pebble Crushing Plan

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