[Campus Recruitment] If you have a dream, why do you have to go far?

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Meilan 2021 graduates campus recruitment

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On November 14, 2020, the 6th "Emotional Alma Mater" Alumni Enterprise Recruitment Fair of West Anhui College was held on Yinxing Avenue of West Anhui College. This job fair is the first campus job fair since the 2020 epidemic, and the scene is crowded and hot.

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The students were given the opportunity to fully demonstrate their abilities and make the campus more vibrant.


It can be seen at the job fair that many college students conduct on-site consultations and sign employment intentions for jobs they are interested in.

Talent is one of the core advantages of enterprise development. Meilan requires a higher level of professional technology while paying more attention to ethics and character quality. While requiring the level of personal business ability, it also pays more attention to team awareness and the company’s commitment to the company. Loyalty, while requiring higher cultural quality, pays more attention to practical ability and contribution to the company.

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The company's employment philosophy

Everything is people-oriented

Those who can go up, those who are equal let go, those who are mediocre go

Not greedy, lazy, or impatient.

Give opportunities to those who want to do things, give positions to those who can do things, and pay treatment to those who do things.

What are you waiting for? Join the Meilan family~

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