[Campus Recruitment] Campus Recruitment of Meilan 2021 Graduates Enter Anhui University of Science

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Second stop: Anhui University of Science and Technology

2020 year

Is a year like no other

Is also an extraordinary year

In order to inject new vitality and vitality into the enterprise

Do a good job of talent reserve strategy

Meilan 2021 graduates campus recruitment

The curtain officially kicked off in major universities...

On November 21 (Saturday), the temperature dropped sharply and light rain began to fall in the sky. The recruiters of our company were to participate in the 2021 graduate employment fair of Anhui University of Science and Technology. They set off from Lu'an at 6:00 in the morning and arrived at their destination on time at 8:00 in the morning.


Conference theme: Anhui Province Comprehensive College Graduates Employment Market and Anhui University of Science and Technology 2021 Graduate Employment Fair.

Venue: New campus of Anhui University of Science and Technology (Ziqiang Stadium on the west side of South Gate), 68 Taifeng Street, Huainan City.

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In this school recruitment trip, the recruiters of Meilan carefully answered the doubts of the students, and gave a detailed introduction to the company's situation, development prospects, and employment needs, and the students proposed the company's employment benefits and various benefits. The questions were answered one by one; the students at the interview were positive and showed their fullest spirits.

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This campus job fair ended successfully, and I hope it can help the students find their own career plans and no longer be confused. Congratulations to the students who successfully signed the contract at this job fair, and wish each student a full harvest in the employment season and a bright future on the road to career development!

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Meilan Company Environment

The company's employment philosophy

Everything is people-oriented

Those who can go up, those who are equal let go, those who are mediocre go

Not greedy, lazy, or impatient.

Give opportunities to those who want to do things, give positions to those who can do things, and pay treatment to those who do things.

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