Alarm bells ringing-Meilan launches safety training to improve employees' safety awareness

2020-11-19 read:567

In order to improve employees' safety awareness and safety operation skills, Meilan company held a new safety training in the No. 1 production workshop on the afternoon of October 15. Under the arrangement of the production department, relevant personnel participated in the training. At the same time, we are also honored to invite Huang Hui, a member of the expert database of Lu'an emergency management center, as the training teacher.


This training is rich in content, diverse in form and highly targeted. Through on-site safety accident warning education videos, animations, pictures, etc., the knowledge of safety management, safety concepts, hazard identification, hazard evaluation and safety measures are systematically taught. Combining real cases, analyze the causes of accidents, educate everyone to take precautions, and improve the awareness and ability of accident prevention. For each type of work, the safety precaution elements were details in explanation and analyse.Through this training , So that everyone's safety awareness has been effectively improved.


In the near future, Meilan company will conduct training on safety production, environmental protection and occupational health knowledge for production personnel.

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